About Us

About Us

We believe and provide mobility

We believe in mobility and great things happens and achieved once people move. And what great it would be if it can be done with comfort and east and we make it happen with the help of our technology called Reisen.

Travel Rides and Much More

In addition to helping you get from point A to point B, We provide our customers to enjoy the safe and luxurious travel with the reasonable cost and a fully customized experience.

Time, Safety and Comfort together

Whether you’re in the back seat or behind the wheel, your safety is essential. We fuse Timely, Safety with comfort and its highly desired when the travel is between cities. We provide you an experience to travel in time with comfort you desire without compromising your safety.

Who are we?

We provide travel from one city to another using technology and connecting the driver with a rider to bring the best experience in time while moving to other cities in no time. We are a Saudi based company and we adhere to Saudi transportation rules. We are officially registered as ZEYAD SAQAR ABDUL RAZZAQ ALANEZI TRADING EST. Our registration number 1010590504   We own the REISEN brand

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